The Kiss-O-Meter detects bad breath then tells you about it

kiss-o-meter.jpgHalitosis, bad breath, dragon breath, “do you want a mint?”, “ewww your breath stinks” or being mistaken for someone who didn’t brush their teeth are all things nobody wants to experience – especially if they’re about to pucker up. And breathing into a cupped hand over your mouth and nose isn’t necessarily a great way to detect dragon breath and has fooled many into thinking their breath is minty fresh, when really it has the power to wilt a bunch of flowers.

The Kiss-O-Meter (or bad breath detector) will alert you to bad breath 80 percent better than the cupping of the hands. There’s no beating around the bush with this little device – it’ll tell you how it is. If your breath is far from fresh, you can count on the Kiss-O-Meter to tell it to you straight.

As the pursed lips of the woman demonstrating the device suggests, you blow into the Kiss-O-Meter and it’ll tell you one of five things – kiss me, possible, maybe, risky and my favourite, never.

It may get a tad harsh, but harsh breath deserves a stern warning. It’s better than having someone else say it to you, right? $30 USD here

[via Gizmodo]

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