Shootsac hides your camera toting ways


Up until now, DSLR bags have generally been bulky affairs, heavy on the zips, light on the desire to actually be seen carrying one. Shootsac reckon they’ve hit on the solution though, with their bags with interchangable covers.

Whilst the innards has all the padding and compartments you’d want from a camera bag, the outer looks decidedly… normal. It holds 3-6 lenses, and is ergonomically designed so as not to stress out your poor body with all that weight. Once you’ve bought the bag itself, you can choose from numerous covers, to personalise it.

The bag costs $179, whilst the covers are $49 each. Well, who said not looking like a photographer was cheap?

Find out more here.

[via ChipChick]

Susi Weaser


  • I remember seeing these, or something similar a while ago – I think it was convertible laptop/camera cases, rather than specific for cameras..? They’re gorgeous and I’m all for a bag that looks less like a camera/laptop bag, hopefully it’d be less likely to attract unwanted attention! But the price tag puts me off, I have to say.

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