Netbooks to get their very own 'Lite' version of Windows 7?

windows-7-aurora-green-wallpaper.jpgWindows 7, which some have called the OS that Vista should have been, has already proved a hit with Beta downloaders, who’ve risked possible computer viruses just to be all over Microsoft’s latest supped up Operating System. With its frustration reducing capabilities and responsive and easy to use goodness, Windows 7 hasn’t done too badly in the popularity department.

Well, its fast boot up times, networking, sharing and reduced fuss style computing could be delivering the same satisfaction to netbook users with a new version, dubbed Windows 7 Lite. Word is, this ‘specialised version’ of the OS has been designed for computers with 1GB RAM and run on a 1GHz processor – so that’d be a netbook.

Rumours have been aplenty concerning Microsoft inviting Beta testers to trial a version of the OS on machines with specs that could only be netbooks/UMPCs/ULPCs/*insert what you refer to netbooks as here*.

So has Windows XP and Linux finally met their match? We’ll soon find out.

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Lucy Hedges