Modern mobiles are bamboozling more than an average amount of us

complex_phones.JPGConfused? Perplexed? Bewildered? Conundrum -ified (ok, I made that last one up?) Are these all emotions you’re familiar with when it comes to functioning modern day mobile phones? You’re not alone. ‘Modern mobile phones’ (which I’m going to class as anything post 2002) are causing a bit of a stir amongst the average phone user, by sending 85 percent of them (US and UK) into a frenzied state of confusion.

So who is the average phone user? One that makes sure they get the latest upgrades, so as to stay on top of what’s hot in the mobile world and can tell their POP3 email from their 3G? Or those that only have a plush mobile because it was free on an upgrade, and wouldn’t be able to tell their web browser from their MMS settings (or like my mum, refer to Blackberry’s as Blueberry’s)? It’s obvious – it’s the latter isn’t it?

The findings from Mformation, found that the complex features on more contemporary handsets are leaving their users “frustrated” and “angry”. It also discovered 61 percent of those questioned said setting up a new handset is “as challenging as moving bank accounts” and 60 percent admitted to stop using an application if they can’t get it to work from the get go.

While mobile manufacturers strive to bring us the bestest, fastest, most impressive high-specced handsets, it would appear all this effort is wasted… well on 85 percent of us, at least.

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Lucy Hedges