Inject some style into your desk top with the Chain Lamp

chain lamp.jpgDesks are very boring places, unless like me, you’re a hoarder of tat and have a relatively interesting assortment of plush/plastic/metal toys on your desks and perhaps a few USB peripherals to help you through those tirelessly tedious moments. But other than the entertaining junk, that’s got nothing to do with the progression of your work (unless you deem playing with toys as work), what else can you adorn your desk with so it’s not just a place to rest your desktop PC? Get a desk pet (I’d love the miniature elephant from the Kleenex ads) or maybe a little desktop slave robot would do it? Far fetched ideas aside, how about something more feasible? Take the Chain Lamp – it’s a lamp, yes, but a very *very* sweet looking one.

This clever lamp accommodates four one-watt LED light bulbs, so not only is it an eye catcher with its folding design, it’s energy efficient too. It should be drummed into your brains by now, that anything with a spec of exclusivity about it won’t be kind to your funds. This aluminium encased beaut will set you back $446 USD here.

CSN Lighting

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Lucy Hedges