iHome and the techni-coloured iPod audio system

iHome_iH15.colors_HR_610x683.jpgSomewhere in the middle of the Consumer Electronics Show stood the iHome stand and its translucent iH15 LED Colour Changing iPod Stereo in all its multicoloured splendour. At the touch of a button you’re treated to a chameleon-esque techni-coloured light show, customised by you, while you chillax to a bit of Kings of Leon. The specs say it features four colour settings – the picture suggests otherwise – so this particular detail is a bit vague. What is clear however, is there will be some colour alternation action going down.

Accompanying the light show, are Reson8 stereo speakers with passive subwoofer and a line-in jack for MP3 players and the like.

Apparently it’s available now for $59.99 USD. However, it foesn’t seem to have made it onto the World Wide Web, so hopefully it makes its way onto the online world very soon.

[via CNET]

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Lucy Hedges