The IDAPT charger keeps your desk wire free


Now I’m not the neatest of persons, a fact to which my flatmates and co-workers will swear to in court. It’s a shame I know, but neatness has never really been my priority, yet I hate the inevitable tangle of wires that seems to snake around all my gadgets. The IDAPT charging station seems like a gift from the gods, as it’s an easy way to keep you gadgets in juice without any of those pesky wires.

It’s available in a variety of colours and has 3 charging slots (you can also get a cheaper model which has two).

It can charge three devices at the same time and comes with a variety of interchangeable tips, from BlackBerry, Nokia, and iPod to PSP and TomTom… basically a LOT of compatible chargers, with the option to buy more.

I love the fact that this means an end to wires, and think this will be incredibly useful in any environment where you’re short on space- and soo handy for when friends come round. Now all I have to do is not lose the tips…

£34.95 from Amazon

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Zara Rabinowicz

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