Hello Kitty helps you slim with the Slendertone clone

Are you still carrying a couple Christmas pounds? I know I am, and as it’s nearly Feb (with the dreaded Valentine’s day looming), I feel like I should get my arse into gear. And naturally, being the queen of the couch, I’d like a quick fix rather than putting in time at the gym.

Well Slendertone style devices have been around for a while, and they tend to tone the muscles, rather than slenderize you. Still, if there’s only a thin layer of flab on your midriff, you could get noticeable results whilst catching up on LOST.

But would you want to do it Hello Kitty style? Ummm. Seeing as this will appeal to prepubescent teenage whippets I’m not sure the training is in good taste, but whatever gets you working out is a plus point. Or not.

Get this for $115 from Sanrio Japan

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Zara Rabinowicz


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