GotYourPriceCheck has got your back when you're feeling frugal

go price check.jpgWhen I think of price comparison services, rather annoyingly, I get the theme tune of car insurance comparison site Compare the wedged in my head (I bet I’ll still be humming it tonight). But infuriatingly annoying jingles aside, price comparison services are a handy and helpful way to ensure you’re getting the best deal for your money. Don’t you just hate when you make a pricey purchase, then a week later you see it retailing somewhere else for a fraction of the price? This irritating dilemma increases tenfold when it’s a non-refundable purchase.

If you can relate, it sounds like you might benefit from the GotYourPriceCheck 60706 text message price comparison service. What’s so useful about the service is that it will give you the price enquiry info you need based on a requested location. Unfortunately, the service only stretches to the South East (within the M25) but that doesn’t rule out the possibility of the service stretching out to other areas in the future.

It’s pretty obvious what number to text – 60706 – then all you have to do is text the following: Price (space) followed by the brand (space), model number (space) and location (postal code or town name). You’ll then be provided with details of the two local retailers with the lowest prices, as well as the best web price for comparison – standard network charges apply.

The service calls on a comprehensive database of thousands of products and gadgetry from an assortment of small to large retailers, so if you’re a bit of a bargain hunter, you might want to store 60706 under the name GYPC in your phone. Apparently, you’ll get a response “within 60 seconds”.

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Lucy Hedges