CES 2009: More from Asus – the keyboard that think it's a computer, and the GPS laptop

The eeePC T91 is a tablet PC, as the screen of the new eeePC is on a hinge, enabling you to make the most of Asus’ touchscreen technology. The UI of this looks very Apple-esque, and it’s a pretty looking thing. It weighs just two pounds and is just one inch thick, although the touchscreen is only 8.9-inches big. It runs Microsoft XP, and has an in-built TV tuner and built-in GPS, which is… weird. Asus is keen for this to be all things for all people – they quote using it as a digital photo frame, a GPS, a games console, and a TV. Too much for one little laptop? Perhaps.

Another launch for today is the Eee keyboard.

It looks like a keyboard, but wait – apparently It’s the first wireless media center. There’s a 5-inch LCD touchscreen down the right hand side, which is like the screen of your average computer in terms of functionality. From here, you can pair the keyboard with your TV and view photos, your computer monitor, or even projectors.

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Susi Weaser