CES 2009: Dishwasher friendly tech from Seal Shield


Now I love my gadgets. My phone is my prized possession and when on occasion it has fallen into the toilet it has plummeted me to the depths of despair.The idea of voluntarily submerging items of tech, seems far fetched but Seal Shield has made it a reality with their line of dishwasher friendly mice, keyboards and remote controls.

No longer do you need to put up with sticky germ infested pieces of electronics as you can just rinse and go to bring them back to a storefront shine. If you’re still unconvinced,all devices come with a three year warranty, and are 100%waterproof guaranteed.

Thery also come with Antimicrobial properties to make them even more hygemnic, and you have wirless options to choose from. I’m impressed!

They start from $39.99 at Seal Shield

Zara Rabinowicz