Canon releases the PowerShot A480 point and shooter


The latest Canon camera to join its fleet of digi cams is the 10 megapixel PowerShot A480. According to Zara, there’s nothing better than a Canon camera, so undoubtedly, she’ll be pleased to see the latest addition to the team. There’s the usual camera goodies we’ve come to expect from a quality digital camera, like motion and face detection (up to nine faces), 15 shooting modes, 30fps VGA video capabilities and red eye reduction. There’s a reasonably sized 2.5-inch screen too, as well as 3.3x optical zoom – the point three being very important, apparently.

Underneath that pretty exterior is Canon’s Digic III processing system for super smooth photos by promising low noise levels and better colour reproduction. Unfortunately, there’s no rechargeable batteries. So sorry, to those who like nothing more than to revitalise their batteries or hate buying them. Instead, it gets its juice from a couple of AA batteries.

It doesn’t exactly stand out from the crowd, but still, it is Canon, so if you’re looking for a quality cam for a price that doesn’t mean you’ll have to be economic for the subsequent weeks, why not give this a try when shipment commences next month – available in red, black and blue and silver hues.

Canon UK

[via Tech Digest]

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