Atomic Floyd HiDef Jax puts the luxury back into wired headphones

atomic floyd.jpgIt’s nice to own a decent and sturdy pair of headphones, rather than opting for a cheap pair that loses sound in the right ear after a few months in, isn’t it? Sometimes it’s about going that extra mile to treat yourself to a quality sound as opposed to one lacking quality and base, that resonates what can only be described as a tinny sound.

It’s not very often that you get to admire the design of a pair of wired headphones, but I think the Atomic Floyd HiDef Jax AcousticSteel headphones definitely deserve some admiration. And if you like base, step this way. The HiDef Jax headphones are worth the ticket.

They pack noise isolating technology and deliver great bass and great acoustic sound, in a tight fitting pair of earphones. Atomic Floyd believes ‘that superb sound and great aesthetics should go hand in hand, and therefore think it’s hit the nail on the head with its range of headphones. I can’t speak for the rest of the range, but the HiDef Jax headphones are superb.

But with great quality, comes a great price and these are no exception – £85. Check out the HiDef audio equipment and the rest of the gang here.

Atomic Floyd

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  • best head phones on the market if ever need to would by them again and agian true value for money as i have personal spent hunderds of pounds on othere headphones before these

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