The i2i streamer streams. Music. Wirelessly. Between anything. Cool, huh?

It’s not a unique product, but it might just be the easiest to use. You get two units in a pack, and you just plug one into the thing you want to receive the audio file, and the other into where the media is coming from. So, iPod to speaker. Or computer to TV. Or your DS to your headphones. In fact, they boast that there’s no fewer than 12 different streaming configurations you could try.

With so many wireless products around now, it can be a problem trying to find a channel without interference. They sort this by offering seven channels, each of which is indicated with a different colour on the front screen. So, you just make sure both i2i streamers have the same colours and bob, as they say, is your uncle.

The wireless range of the product is 30 feet, and is transmitted at 2.4 GHz, offering ‘high definition sound’ superior to Bluetooth. One charge will get your seven hours of streaming and best of all, we appear to finally come out ahead of the US. We pay £68 for two, whilst the US is asked to pay the equivalent of £86. Although they are offered free speakers. Hmm – foiled again.

Get yours here.

Susi Weaser