Xbox 360 now comes with added 256MB internal memory

xbox-360-arcade-box-top.jpgAll Xbox 360 Arcade owners know you need at least 128MB of free storage space to run the new Xbox 360 Experience, putting users without hard drives in a right predicament. The solution – get yourself a memory card (you could have bagged yourself a free one last month). But plugging in your memory card isn’t the most attractive solution. Wouldn’t it be better if everything was taken care of internally, rather than slap, bang on the outside? Good news folks. As you’ve probably already gathered from the title, the Xbox 360 is now available with a beefy 256MB memory bank, eradicating the need for plugging in an external device.

If you’re into portability, I imagine the announcement of a firmly welded internal memory annoys you somewhat, especially as demos and other saves on it won’t be transferable. But on the up side, memory cards will still be obtainable in shops, should you need one.

[via Trusted Reviews]

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Lucy Hedges