Win! Win! Win! A new LG Cookie!!!

LG has quizzed the nation and found that we’re all a tad worried about our finances this Christmas. The term Credit Crunch is now used more in the papers than Transport Misery or Big Brother Scandal, which can only be a bad sign. But they’re here to help! They’re giving away an LG Cookie to a Shiny Shiny reader, which promises to make a fabulous Christmas present for some lucky sod – or yourself. Alternatively, check out LG Holiday Gift guide, for another chance to win one of their handsets.

To be in with a chance to win the LG Cookie, click on over the jump

To win, simply send your name, address and the answer to this address.

Which of these is an LG phone?

a) The Monet
b) The Renoir
c) The Turner

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Susi Weaser


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