Twittering Christmas

As if I wasn’t in love with Twitter already, Christmas confirmed my heart’s devotion to this microblogging platform. Whilst previous Christmases have meant a day off the internet, without the telly and separated from the outside world, this Christmas I could keep an eye on what was going on with the rest of the world via Twitter.

And yes, I know for many of you, that goes against this most special of days, but really? After a few hours of presents and food and cava and board games, I do start wondering what everyone else in the world is doing with their Christmas.

It was cool to hear about other people’s traditions (can you believe there are people out there who don’t open their presents til after lunch? I know, poor buggers). And then there’s the sympathy tweets, as people around the world were cajoled into compulsary fun via the medium of Trivial Pursuit. There were updates on favourite presents, stories about senile grandparents and a whirlwind of deconstruction throughout the Dr Who Christmas Special. It was like a lifeline of normality, making me realise there were people all over the world, all eating too much, drinking stuff that only comes out in December, and generally enjoying the festive season. And Twittering about it.

And the best thing? I could do it all on my phone, giving no clue to the rest of my family that I secretly had a link to the outside world.

Susi Weaser

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