The USB heating blanket will keep you as snug as a bug in a rug

usb-winter8.jpgThe frost outside my door and the immensely embarrassing slip I experienced this morning as I made a mad dash for my train has compelled me to write about something that will help you through the harsh winter. A USB heated blanket may sound like something for the elderly or people with circulation issues, and the person using it in the office may well become the subject of ridicule, but at least they won’t be shivering or have ice cold hands that could turn surrounding objects into ice. Or make people feel violated when you touch them for that matter.

Inside its comfy realms, it has a warming pad that’ll be sure to defrost your body and leave you feeling all warm inside, instead of what you’re used to – shaking profusely till it physically hurts. And if you’re one of those bill evaders or cheapskates who live in a cold place, $25 USD is nothing to pay when you think about the money you’ll save on central heating.

[via Geek Alerts]

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Lucy Hedges