The iBreath checks if you're too drunk to type


With people staggering in at way past ten I feel that this device could never prove more useful. We all know that drunk driving is bad, but what about drunk typing? Looking round the office today, bathed in the sickly aftermath of the work Xmas party I spy faces that look like they could do with lashings of water and super strength Berocca.

Which of these unsavoury characters just look that way, and which have more alcohol than oxygen in their bloodstream? Simply snap the iBreath into you iPod, unsnap the tube and take a deep breath… After 5 seconds it will let you know what your inebriation level is, and if that wasn’t good enough, it also doubles as a FM radio antenna. I think this is definitely needed…

$79 from David Steele

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Zara Rabinowicz