Secret Santa Solutions: under £30

Secret Santa Solutions.jpg
Blimey! Thirty quid, eh? Your secret santa organiser clearly hasn’t heard of the Credit Crunch. Still, best to suck it up and make the most of your cash, in the hope that your Secret Santa does the same. Here’s some ideas.

The Proper Geek

Here at Shiny, we salute the proper geeks. They’re the ones that can complete a 48 hour MMPORG marathons, code for the next day and only sleep after solving Fermat’s Last Theorum. They’re the ones that are going to get *way* better paid jobs than us lot who just piss about on the internet.

Robotic arm.jpg
The Solution
It’s a robotic arm! It needs to be built from scratch, so will satisfy the inner engineer in your giftee. Once built, it has the power to perform ever exciting tasks, such as pushing a pencil sharpener from one side of the desk to the other. Get yours here.


The Hip Young Thing

If the colleague spends an unnatural amount of time trying to predict the weather six months in advance, and has intimate knowledge of every type of toilet ever to have existed, they’re a hardened festival goer, which makes buying them a present surprisingly easy.

The Solution
These solar fairy lights are practical *and* gorgeous. Leave them to soak up the sun in the day time, and have them light up at night. Of course, that depends on there being some sun, and on people not getting a little light fingered when they see such a superiorly lit tent, but apart from that? You’re all good.

Get yours here

Susi Weaser