Secret Santa sorted thanks to ThinkSecretSanta

Our Secret Santa Solutions are hopefully helping you out with gift ideas, but what if you’re the poor sod who’s been left to organise the whole thing? Trying to ensure everyone’s picked a name, has bought a gift and hasn’t just gone through the crap they’ve accumulated over the year in their desk drawer, can be a nightmare.

Enter ThinkSecretSanta. It’s the site you always thought should exist, and thank god, it does. You can enter the details of each person involved in the Secret Santa, and the site does the rest.

It selects a giftee for each gifter and lets them know. Each person involved has the option to add a profile, to give a clue as to what they’d like, and the site will even send out reminder emails. It even has links to some e-vouchers from leading websites, so there’s really no excuse for comedy USB peripherals.

Could this spell the end to Secret Santa Misery?

Check it out here.

Susi Weaser