Pentax give the K-m an iPod (circa 2003) makeover

Well, that only took SLR camera manufacturers 154 years… Whilst most other consumer electronics companies picked up on the fact that people like colour a decade or so ago, it’s taken those on the serious side of photography a little longer.

This is the Pentax K-m DSLR, which has got non-expert features such as scene selection, AA batteries and a respectable 10.2 megapixels. If this is the camera to tempt you to find your inner Testino though, you’ll have to be quick – there’s only 100 coming to the UK. When it becomes available in February, it’ll be 449 quid for the body and one lens, and 549 for two.

I’ll be interested when they make it in chocolate brown.

Pentax [via Crave]

Susi Weaser