Microsoft tries its hand at own 'software' clothing range


Microsoft’s move into branded clothing is not exactly the geekiest of chic, but for years people have been making money off the computing giant with their unofficial MS DOS t-shirts and other MS-centric t-shirts, so Microsoft has finally said enough is enough and has joined the party. It’s been very clever with the naming of said clothing range – Software Clothing – stating the range is a “clothing line that taps the nostalgia of when PCs were just starting to change our lives”. I don’t know about you, but for me, the t-shirts are borderline awful. And considering the line has been partially designed by rapper Common (you know, because every clothing range needs a celebrity endorsement right?) the tees aren’t very cool, or hip (or whatever the kid are saying these days). Hopefully (for Microsoft) the t-shirts will be cool by association as there’s certainly nothing cool about them.

It’s as if absolutely zero effort has been put into the design, but that’s just me – plain, boring and tasteless does it for some people (but to be fair, how exciting can Microsoft t-shirt designs get?). Regardless of style (or lack of), geeky t-shirts make for great stocking fillers or secret Santa gifts for a geeky/gadgety co-worker. If this t-shirt has one of your friends all over it, the range will be available as of the 15th December from ‘selected stores’ for $15. Whether this includes ‘selected stores’ in the UK is a mystery. I guess we’ll find out as of the 15th December.

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Lucy Hedges