Mega Monday: It's the most lucrative online shopping day of the year

shoponline.jpgIf you were courageous enough to brave the crowds on Oxford Street on Saturday all in the name of Christmas, firstly, I’m glad you made it out alive (at one point I felt like I was playing a game of Twister, left leg green, right leg red), secondly if you thought the streets of London were packed, that’s nothing compared to the online traffic retailers will be raking in today. Yes, Monday 8th December is predicted to be the most lucrative shopping day for buying online this year, with 320 million expected to be spent today (that’s around £13.5 million an hour) as people seemingly ignore credit crunch woes for one day all in the name of Joyeux Noel. 1.31pm is predicted to be retailers’ busiest minute of the day (I presume that’s because most people will be on lunch?) with shoppers spending more than £16,000 per second.

Everyone’s looking for a bargain this Christmas and how they can make the most of their pennies, and as some of the best bargains are to be found on the World Wide Web with retailers such as Marks and Spencer, Selfridges and House of Fraser making huge slashes on their prices, it’ll be both retailers and shoppers reaping the benefits of buying online today.

What kind of shopper are you? Are you all about the online shopping, or do you prefer to brave the high streets and busy shopping centres? More importantly, will you be shopping online today and contributing to the 320 million kitty retailers are hoping to collectively make?

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Lucy Hedges