Make some moolah from old MP3s


Downloading music is fun isn’t it? But there comes a point in every MP3s life when it’s just not wanted anymore. Owners are either bored of them, or they’ve simply fulfilled their musical purpose and you’re ready to move on, not to mention the fact that they’re cluttering up your hard drive. has the answer – sell your unwanted MP3s (prices start from $0.25) and buy others. In the words of the website – ‘stop illegally sharing and start legally selling’. Bopaboo isn’t all heart though as it takes 20 percent of each transaction.

I’m not sure I’m entirely enthusiastic about a website that could potentially wipe your MP3 files for you (how else could you sell them on without cheating the system and keeping them for yourself?). There must be some kind of software in place for it to work. And what if the site malfunctions and accidentally deletes ALL your MP3 files. Then what?

The site is in beta for the time being, so you’ll need to request an invitation from the site. If you want in you’d better be quick – according to the site only a limited number of consumers will have access to the marketplace before the public launch.

In theory it sounds like a good site (why would you delete MP3s when a website like this exists on the internet?), but it remains questionable whether such a site will take off or be able to differentiate between legal and illegal MP3s for that matter.

Check it out here

[via The Metro]

Lucy Hedges