Limited edition iPod: Are you a particular fan of Johann Sebastian Bach?

bach-complete-collection-ipod-120gb.jpgIs your iPod full of classical music from the likes of Beethoven, Mozart and Vivaldi, but perhaps you’re missing one of the classical greats or they weren’t available on iTunes when you were upgrading your playlist? I’m talking namely, about Johann Sebastian Bach? Perhaps you’d be interested then, in a limited edition 120GB iPod packed to the brim of the composer’s complete works. That’s every single track composed (175 hours worth) – there’s no omitting going on here.

The complete package (courtesy of download store Passionato and Hanssler Classsic) which includes a full DVD backup will set you back £499 – which is great considering the estimated cost of the complete works on CD is £1,000 and a 120GB iPod goes for £175. You’re saving a pretty packet there. That’s like a £700 discount on his entire collection – grrrreat if you’re Bach buff.

The music is encoded in 128KB AAC format, so it’s not the highest quality available, but that means around half (63GB) of the iPod’s capacity is free for your less classical music tastes.

I doubt there’s going to be a barrage of people making a mad dash, impatiently elbow dropping each other to get their hands on it first (this isn’t Woolworths), but you can casually make the purchase this weekend if you fancy? I must warn you, the 15th December, 4pm is the latest you can place an order to ensure there’s no disappointment on Christmas day.

Get yours here [via Tech Digest]

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Lucy Hedges