Dr Who now available on iTunes

From today you can get your David Tennant fix on the bus, in the bath or under the covers. You can now get the first season on iTunes (actually, that was Ecclestone) and then each week for the next four weeks a subsequent season will be released. Each episode will cost £1.89, or you can get the whole series for £19.99.

At this point, I run out of things to say. Having never watched an episode, I really don’t feel qualified to tell you much more. Instead, a fact! The name Wendy was made up for the book “Peter Pan.” Allegedly.

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Susi Weaser

One thought on “Dr Who now available on iTunes

  • Well the full series is £23 on amazon, so its cheaper, but at least with the DVD you have a chance of ripping it to use on other players. But of course we would never do that would we? – I mean who would ever want to buy a DVD and use it on both their own TV and their portable player without paying twice for the same stuff?!!

    rant over :)

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