Amazon's UK MP3 store quietly launched

It’s been rumoured for a fair while here in the UK, but Amazon seems to have finally launched their UK MP3 store under a cloak of darkness. And we’re not sure why – with brand new albums from the likes of Girls Aloud, Take That and Kings of Leon for £3, it’s worth shouting about.

Single tracks range in price from 59p to 80p, and albums seem to go up to about £10 for the equivalent of a single disc album. You can download songs direct from the site, or you can install a small programme, which allows you to download more than one song a time and download entire albums.

And the best news – all songs on Amazon MP3 are DRM-free, which means no nasty restrictions relating to where it can be played. Take that, iTunes.

In terms of the catalogue, Amazon is quoting 3.5 million tracks, and according to Musically, it’s the indie catalogue that has the most gaps (there’s no Oasis or Arctic Monkeys at the moment). But if you’re after some pop-based DRM-free goodness, this will surely become the place to start.

Check it out here.

[via Musically]

Susi Weaser