70 SCSI hard drives + nothing to do = uber geeky Xmas tree

scsi-tree-20081218-359.jpgWhether it’s real or fake, mahoosive or teeny weeney, not everyone’s all about having a Christmas tree sitting pretty in the corner of their living room, dripping in flashing lights and spangling tinsel. How about this unconventional alternative? Only certain people are advised to take the challenge – those who eat sleep and breathe geek, have buckets of free time on their hands, have around 70 decommissioned SCSI hard drives stashed away and a spare £25. Why? Because it would frickin’ difficult without all the above and you’ll need to purchase an integral component (a nut), that’s why.

The creator of the geektastic tree (who was clearly in a festive mood) goes by the name of Trigger. Trigger decided to make the abstract decor after coming across the bunch of drives on their way to the scrap heap. It could be a good alterative – you won’t even need to buy decorations because it’s so sparkly. Providing you have the necessary resources, of course.

[via Engadget]

Lucy Hedges