The Vectrix-i bike is an iPod on wheels


It goes without saying motorcyclists need to have their wits about them, so I’m not entirely sure the Vectrix-i Bike, dubbed the iPod on wheels is a very good idea – not paying attention and distractions = a horrible road accident (you have been warned). Road safety officials have gone out of their way to warn people not to strut their stuff down the street to high decibels of music, so I’m sure they would frown upon a motorbike with a built in iPod, for a bit of motorbike cruising theme music.

The electric Vectrix-i Bike is both iPod and eco-friendly with its high performance zero emissions footprint and integrated iPod wireless audio transmission. With its built in docking station, hi-fi audio transmission and Sennheiser wireless speakers built into the helmet, the Vectrix-i is the world’s firsts fully digital audio bike.

It’s due for release over the next two months for motorcycle loving eco-warriors. And as firsts are never cheap, expect a not so friendly price tag.

[via Born Rich]

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Lucy Hedges


  • There’s no smoking of questionable substances going on here guys. There was plenty of research done, even more so when I started taking abuse for apparently not doing any. I got all my information from here – And I take what the guys over at Stuff say quite seriously, so I don’t know what to say guys, except – looks like you were wrong!

  • A bit or research never goes amiss, Mr. Blogger.

    This is complete and utter shite, so please go back to smoking whatever it is you were in the middle of.

  • Whoah guys, take a chill pill. A bike such as this is a totally feasible concept. And if I got it wrong so did about 20 other blogs. And I believe it was on show at the Stuff Live show this year, so not really made up eh retrodog!

  • Who in the world makes this crap up? Secondly, why isn’t anyone spending the 2 microseconds it would take to figure out it’s just made up?

    The writer of this article is living in a fantasy world with pink elephants and flying pigs. Can I have some of whatever he/she is smoking? ;-)

  • You need to do your homework. First, there is no iPod connector on the Vectrix, the saying “iPod on wheels” refers to how well it is designed. Secondly, it is priced well at $9000 USD, a great price for a highway speed, highway legal scooter of any kind and the only electric one. With no expense of petrol, this is an even better price. Research first, write later.

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