Stay at home karaoke to entertain us through the recession


There’s in-car karaoke, dedicated karaoke bars, Rockaoke, and of course good ole’ pub karaoke – all of which have been tried and tested and are great fun. We’ve also got SingStar and other singing related video games – but they’re not quite karaoke are they?

Nights in have become the norm for those seriously affected by the looming recession and credit crunch debacle, choosing to treat themselves to one night out a week, opting to stay indoors rather than blowing cash on an alcoholic fuelled week/weekend. And while watching a movie, complete with popcorn and booze is fun, there’s only so many times you’re going to want to curl up on the sofa to a good flick. Singtones understands this dilemma and also understands karaoke is an important aspect of our lives, which is why they’ve come out with a “play-at-home alternative to ‘extortionate’ karaoke bars”.

Singtones has just launched its karaoke party technology which means you can host your own karaoke parties, without having to wait for the tone deaf man who thinks he’s the next Eric Clapton to finish. All you need is a computer of some kind, access to the internet and a microphone which you and your pals can club together for.

It even features Singtones audio fixing technology, so if you want to find out if you really do sound like a strangled cat, you’ll be able to listen back to your rendition of a Scissor Sisters’ track. Alternatively you can replay your performance digitally corrected, so you’re actually in-tune and on-time. And if you really want to feel bad, you can compare your version to the original recording. Singtones will also give an automatic singer performance rating too. So if you’re crap, you’ll know about it.

Lastly and for a small additional charge, you can save your recordings as MP3 files that can be sent to your mobile to be your own personal ringtone. It’s fun, there’ll be no shaming oneself in pubic and best of all it’s absolutely free.

Check it out here

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Lucy Hedges