Speaker + makeup stand = convenience

speaker_makeup_stand.jpgMakeup (check), make-up stand (check), iPod speaker dock (check). That’s all the things you’ll need to tick off your list with the very efficient Speaker Makeup Stand. It looks a bit home made – as in the kind of thing you’d construct for a group project in your wood work or shop class at school. So just think of it as bringing a touch of 60s chic and geekery to your makeup box.

All that needs to happen now is to replace the ‘a’ with a ‘u’ and scrap the ‘e’ and I’ll be a happy lady. Luckily for me, the option to personalise my very own make-up stand is available. Given the way it looks, its $159 USD price tag seems a little extravagant, but then again it does contain speaker equipment pumping out 8 watts of tunage in a vintage (ish) make-up box and the extra moolah on top must be for its individuality.

[via PB Teen]

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Lucy Hedges