Soundwave 'I Do' wedding ring

These wedding rings have been laser etched with the soundwaves of ‘Yes, I do’ using some fancy sound software and a great big laser knife. Which is all very lovely and romantic, but how much cooler would it be to secretly get ‘I do, unless Jon Stewart hits on me’ or ‘I get the house in Tuscany’ instead?

The designer, Sakurako Shimizu, also does some other awesome sound wave jewellery, such as the Giggle necklace, the Wow brooch and the Yawn brooch. Check them all out here.

[via Slippery Brick – thanks Alice for the clarification!]

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Susi Weaser


  • Oh wow what a beautiful ring is this!!! I want this type of unique ring for my finance.. I didn’t find this ring anywhere. Can you update the place.. ?????

  • I’ve seen this “ring” pop up a lot after I posted it (here) and I’m afraid I may have confused some people. The first picture I posted — the silver one pictured here — is of a cuff, not a ring. (The second photo I posted does show rings.) Also, her name is Sakurako Shimizu, not Sakura Koshimizu. Just wanted to make sure she gets her proper name out there! :)

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