Sarah's Shiny Science: Obama wins, scientists rejoice!

Last week, scientists from around the world leapt up from their desks and shouted, “Eureka!” But why are scientists joining in the Obama love-in? I feel the urge to do a list…

1) He has been making all of the right noises for the scientific community, which is why 76 Nobel Laureates officially backed him during the US election race. This is the largest number of Nobel Prize winners ever to support a presidential candidate.

2) His space policy has won him his own science groupies called ‘Obamanauts’. How cool is that?

3) Obama has said that he will appoint a science advisor ASAP and it is thought that he will raise this position to a cabinet-level job. He will also be the first President to appoint a Chief Technology Officer. However, the priority right now is to appoint the First Dog.

4) Obama has a geeky sense of humour. I *love* the fact that this picture is on Obama’s official Senate website. He should definitely include this pic in all of his letters to the world leaders.

5) He isn’t Bush. Enough said.

Sarah Reed


  • “Enough said” applies to this lockstep liberal view of science. There are a lot of us in the sciences who see the Nobel laureate wagon train behind Obama as pandering for funding. Scientists who chase funding by “endorsing” Obama cannot be trusted to publish research that conflicts with Obama’s political views. Science is based on objectivity, NOT endorsing a political viewpoint.

  • It also means that stem cell research won’t be banned and renewable energy resources will actually be taken seriously by the states, as well as the insane legislation to increase digging for oil recently implemented by Bush. But yeah, the superman picture is good too.

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