Make exercise fun with the pole aerobics DVD kit

Pole_aerobics.JPGWe all do it (well most of us) – when the new year kicks in we promise to go on ridiculous fruit and veg diets, swearing off all naughty foods in favour of tasteless and healthy foodstuff, all for the good of having a toned and non rotund figure. Rather than signing up for a rigorous and gruelling fitness regime and ultimately making yourself very *very* miserable, why not venture outside the box and try something different. Inject the fun back into fitness with the Pole Aerobics kit.

The two good things about it are you don’t need to install it – it goes up and comes down really easily, no nails included – and you don’t need to be a certified lap dancer to enjoy it. It’s sturdy enough to hold your weight and moreover it’ll withstand all the outrageous gyrating moves. If you’re worried you’ll break your neck while doing an upside down twirl, the top piece can be screwed into the ceiling, giving you a sturdier pole and piece of mind.

Obviously, you’re going to need a rather spacious room to really show that pole (or your boyfriend) what you can do, but give it a week with the instructional DVD and you’ll be swinging from the ceiling.

You may laugh, but there are people who swear by pole dancing as a great way to exercise and tone up – and no not lap dancers.

Get you Pole Aerobics kit here for £69.99.

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Lucy Hedges