HP TouchSmart tx2 takes a swipe towards multi-touch

HP has released their latest notebook, branding it “the first multi-touch enabled consumer notebook”. What’s that mean? Well, it lets you perform all sorts of functions with those things on the end of your arms, on the super touchable screen.

Photo cropping and rotating can be done using just your fingers, and ‘capacitive input’ distinguishes between deliberate fingers and accidental palm swipes for easier use. You can also use both hands simultaneously for further picture editing ease.

The included stylus allows you to write on the screen and have it instantly converted to editable text, and in drawing applications it recognises light from heavy strokes and draws accordingly.

Processor? RAM? Peripherals? We’ve no idea, but if you’re keen on touching things, it’s the notebook for you.

It’s due to hit the UK in January, when it’ll start at £799.


Susi Weaser