Google iPhone app lets you speak your searching thoughts

Google, parent of Android mobile OS, are pioneering some exciting new voice recognition search technology… on the iPhone. You can now download Google Mobile, a new application in iTunes, which will allow you to speak your search query into the handset and have the results returned within seconds.

Because it can use the geo-locating element of the iPhone, not only will you be able to ask typical search queries (“where was the first McDonals built?”) you’ll be able to ask location specific questions (“where’s my nearest McDonalds”).

The software is said to be relatively accurate in its present form, but Google promises that it will further increase the more people that use it. And whilst this sounds like a handy way of circumnavigating the touchscreen keyboard, it would be even more useful if you could use the service to search your emails for senders, keywords and attachments. Maybe Google could bring that in for the Android version…

[via TechCrunch]
Susi Weaser