Freesat+ Humax Foxsat-HDR hit the shops over the weekend


Are you familiar with Freesat, that ingenious digital service that scraps monthly subscriptions to pave the way for high definition content for a one off fee? And with high definition programming on offer from the BBC and ITV, as well as digital channels such as E4, it certainly is a good looking package. Well now Freesat+, the pausing, rewinding and recording Freesat HD digital TV service has been unleashed and is available for shoppers to take advantage of under the guise of the Humax Foxsat-HDR. Not only does Freesat+ give you greater control over HD content, it also provides access to a range of standard TV, radio and interactive channels – that’s over 140 TV channels and radio stations.

As well as that, a 320GB hard drive (for 80 hours of HD or a whopping 200 hours of standard def programming), an eight day electronic programme guide, series recording, live pause and instant rewind, HD and SD recording modes and split recordings settings are on offer.

As Humax is the first company behind the Freesat+ digital TV recorder, don’t expect prices to fit in with your plans for a budget Christmas. It’ll set you back £299 (and that’s without the dish installation) from a range of retailers including Argos, John Lewis, Comet and Dixons.

Just like Freesat, all you need is a HD ready TV and a satellite dish and hey presto you’ve got Freesat+. And if you already have a satellite dish installed, no additional equipment is needed – you can simply plug and play.


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Lucy Hedges


  • Sounds the dogz nads, thought it was only my Sky+ box that had started to play up this week, suggest you take it off auto standby. Does anyone know if you can record non Freesat channels? And Freesat, please please please, sign up some more channels.

  • I ordered my Humax FoxsatHDR from Argos for home delivery on Monday 24th. It arrived, was connected up within minutes and it is just great. Anybody want a useless Sky+ box that is always crashing and locking up? thought not.

  • Jamie, if you’re going to be smug, get your facts right. The HDR + has only been released this weekend. Freesat itself has been around for a few months, true. But until now there has been no integrated recorder.

  • We’re looking for one of these – which contrary to what Jamie says is new and you can’t currently buy it.
    None of the retailers I’ve tried have stock yet (Argos / Amazon / Comet/ John Lewis). I think the shipping container must have been hijacked!

    Jamie – you’re thinking of the freesat set top box. It is cheaper but it doesn’t have a PVR in.

    We’re going to get this to replace our Pace SKY + bx which, since Sky upgraded the software last week, refuses to access the PVR features of the box (and fails to record) without constant need to reboot. This box will pay for itself in less than a year – no more Sky subscription.

  • Sorry but this is old news! This box has been stocked it Comet for months, and is £150 not £299 as you state!

  • OOh that’s a pretty penny, would sound more appealing if itv hd was dedicated and c4 hd got onto the channel list.

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