Cozyfeet combat Really Cold Feet in Winter Syndrome


I’m pretty sure I’m right in saying that the right pair of slippers can do more for your day than the most wonderful of haircuts, the smoothest of compliments or the most nutritionally balanced and yet god damn delicious of lunches. And now I’ve found the ultimate right pair of slippers.

You slip these into the microwave before they come anywhere near your feet, and two minutes later, you’ve got magical hot shoes. But be warned – if you bought Uggs promising yourself that you’d only ever wear them round the house and then started wearing them *everywhere* because it was like walking on furry clouds, there’s a good chance these may never come off your feet.

£14.99 here

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Susi Weaser


  • This phenomenal information like I read made me have more observation , more or less anybody offline. We need to thank you for

    your across the board range like information to share at their side thank you

  • So very true!!
    I bought UGGS with the round the house excuse and so quickly joined the crowds outside! :( These slippers look dangerous…

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