Cool concept: There's no escaping that dreaded wake up call with this


There’ll be no fleeing of this alarm when it turns on in the morning (well, I guess you could really, but it’s called the Escape Clock, and is fashioned as an ESC key, so there had to be some kind of escapism reference in there somewhere). It isn’t only used to get you out of bed in the mornings, either. The designer of the Escape Clock, Santiago Cantera, has equipped the huge escape key with the necessary technology to enable it to hook up wirelessly to a pair of speakers or a speaker dock.

Simplicity is what we like, and this is simple in both its design and execution. Rather than have a snooze button to fumble around with in the morning, it’s just one big button, so when you want it to stop making a racket, make your hand into a fist and slam it down. It’s like a computer geek’s dream, making it ideal for a computer lover.

[via Design Launches]

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Lucy Hedges