Chill your boots lippie with the cosmetics fridge

Do you keep your make up in the fridge? No? You dirty slattern! Don’t you know that true ladies chill their eyeliner, cool their lippy and freeze their perfume? Or were you under the impression that these were those tips you’d only ever see in Cosmo, and no one ever actually followed them through? Yeah, me too.

But that was before I saw the Cosmetics Fridge. It’s got movable shelves, an internal light and a noise reduction feature. Very much like your food fridge, in fact. The outside display allows you to set timers though – ‘bzzzzzzzz, time to reapply lipstick’, ‘bzzzzz, you’re beginning to smell like a wet carpet, not Chanel Number Five’. Heaven, in an incredibly unnecessary form, no?

Get yours here [via Kiss and Make-Up]

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Susi Weaser