Bacon Chocolate sells out thanks to the internet. Probably

Bacon is a meme. I’m not sure why, but the internet prizes it above all other food stuffs. Even Doritos. It would appear the geeks descended en masse then, since Selfridges have sold out of Mo’s Bacon Bar within 48 hours of it hitting the shelves. Luckily, they’ve ordered way more in time for Christmas, so that all those internet dwellers will be able to find a bar in their stocking, come Christmas morning. You can see the picture for just how appreciative Katie was when some was sent to Shiny Towers.

And if you’re wondering why, this is what the creator has to say: “There has been a real revolution in luxury chocolate, as there was with wine a few years ago. People are much more knowledgeable about it and there is a growing demand for these high quality, exotic products instead of a box of Milk Tray.” I think I’d settle for the Milk Tray.

[via Digital Spy]

Susi Weaser


  • What’s the big deal? At my Neiman Marcus store these things have been on the shelves, unsold, for nearly 2 years. Is this a new product somewhere?

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