Strawberry and Watermelon USB memory drives


If you Google “Strawberry USB” (as I do every day) Shiny Shiny comes up as the top entry (for this tale of “very chic strawberry necklace-cum-USB drives“). Which is quite how things should be, in my view. Topping up those Google results, I bring you news of these 8GB flash memory keys which come in these rather mouth-watering melon and strawberry casings. They’re available wholesale in the UK, which means you could set up your very own Strawberry and Watermelon USB shop. Something I’ve been meaning to tick off my Life Plan To Do list for quite some time.

Strawberry and Watermelon USB, £18.01 (UK); $42 from USB Geek (US)



  • Great things, delicious even.

    I will go and get some of these for myself.

    The only thing is that the strawberry is too large and probably I will have to lift my laptop to plug it in

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