The very chic strawberry necklace cum USB drive

usb_strawberry_flash_drive.JPGUSB drives shaped like tooth decaying treats/fruit/fast food are coming at us fast and furiously, but we still can’t seem to get enough of them. What’s extra special about this one is that it doesn’t have that plastic-y cheap look like so many USB peripherals out there. And, strawberry necklaces are in, donchaknow, and it actually bears a close resemblance to the kind of necklaces you’d find in designer shops (or in copycat Primark). It looks like anything but a USB device, giving it a ‘kill two birds with one stone’ kind of appeal.

Gorgeous design aside, it’s a 2GB flash drive and is available in black or white (although surprisingly not red). It also doubles up as a 1GB removable MicroSD card. And that’s all – it is a USB drive after all.

$62 USD from Amazon [via Gadget Miss]

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Lucy Hedges


  • moxie, you should post a picture when you get it.

    This is the prettiest USB jewelry I’ve seen. It’s the only pretty one I’ve seen, actually, the rest were “interesting” at best.

  • Oh Shiny Shiny, you electronic temptress- I just bought the necklace. It was just too fun and my birthday’s in a few weeks and I… I… I… couldn’t help myself. At least it wasn’t very expensive.

    Oh and the Amazon page links to several other encrusted items. There’s a new line of Swarovski (spelling?)crystalized Phillips products like earbuds and a little lock that hides a USB drive.

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