Six way charger – perfect for those who own six very specific gadgets

6 way charger.jpg
Packing for holidays now involves allocating an entire suitcase compartment to all the various chargers required by your cameras, phone, MP3 player and the rest. That’s valuable space that could be better served with extra shoes and that dress you’ve never actually worn, but take on every holiday you ever go on, just in case (we’ve all got one).

This six-way charger looks like it might be a mighty fine idea, allowing you to dump the chargers and charge them all from that hub. You’ll be very lucky indeed if it fits the bill though, since the adaptors include iPod, Nokia, Motorola, Palm and Samsung phones and the Sony PSP. Weirdly, there doesn’t seem to be a mini USB charging adaptor. Still, if you coincidentally happen to the be the owner of the previous models mentioned, you can pick one up for $99 here.

Susi Weaser