Scrabulous is fabulous no more


Today spells the end of an era for some and ‘good riddance to an impostor’ for others. Either way, Scrabulous is dead and has been officially wiped from Facebook forever, as of today. This is music to the ears of those miserable folks down at Hasbro and Mattel who haven’t stopped campaigning to get rid of Scrabble’s rival since the beginning of the year.

Following the removal of Scrabulous in the US and Canada, it looked likely the UK were going to continue to play – hassle free. However, considering the constant legal threats, it became clear it was only a matter of time before Scrabulous was removed from Facebook’s existence.

Those who are finding themselves pulling out their own hair at the sheer dismay of this news, or are simply lost for words (sorry), might get their word game fix from Wordscraper. No, it’s not the same but it’s been dubbed as Scrabulous in disguise and should ease the pain… for now. We understand disappointment must be rife amongst users of the scrabble clone today. Mourn away guys, not even a Facebook group can save it now.

[via Tech Digest]

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Lucy Hedges


  • @Elit Alice it’s stupidly short sighted of them, but “blind panic” appears to be the default setting of any company encountering the internet for the first time.

  • theres an official SCRABBLE game now on facebook, that is.. well.. just not as good! full of bugs as well.
    funny, it says WORLDWIDE (except US and Canada). my oh my, what have they done to scrabble??

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