Science Monday: Women – do not stop moisturing!

A UK scientists has declared it would be ‘crazy’ for women to stop moisturising. Not because he lives in fear of living in a world where women look their age, but because it turns out that you can’t extrapolate findings of a couple of mice you moisturised and generalise it to women worldwide. Shocker.

The background: A US study found that when they shaved mice and exposed them to UV light, 69% more of them got skin cancer compared to those who hadn’t touched the Oil of Olay. However, as the UK scientist pointed out, shaved mice are hardly designed to be exposed to sunlight, unlike our own huuman-type skin.

Another scientist pointed out that if this was a valid conclusion, you’d see more women with skin cancer on their face, where moisturiser is used most regularly. This isn’t the case.

So, there you have it. Mouse does not equal human lady.

[via The Guardian]

Susi Weaser