Pamper yourself and indulge in a bit of home sauna-ing


Public saunas. There’s something very grimy and unbearably dank about sharing a sauna with the general public – especially if it’s a unisex one! And especially when men with humongous food babies (beer bellies) decide to sport those only-to-be-worn-if-you’re-hot Speedos (argh the nightmares!). If you can sympathise with me and agree that sharing a sweatbox with a group of strangers is beyond horrible, you’ll really like the sound of the PS1 Personal Steam Sauna. Once purchased, you’re free to use it when ever you darn well please, all in the comfort not to mention privacy of your own home.

It’s easy to use and store too due to its flat-pack abilities, so it won’t be a bother to you or your family/house mates. It sounds simple enough to set up – fill the steam generator with warm water, switch it on, get in, zip up and let the detoxifying and cleansing process engulf your body.

Priced at a bargainous £149.99 from Personal Sauna, it’s totally affordable. They’ll even deliver it for free too.

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Lucy Hedges

One thought on “Pamper yourself and indulge in a bit of home sauna-ing

  • Move to Finland, almost every apartment/house here comes equipped with its very own sauna. For the win!

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