Non-breathtaking Sony Walkman E-Series details leaked

I’m not sure the Sony Walkman range is quite exciting enough to suffer from leaked specs, and this latest (leaked) range does nothing to pursued me otherwise. Apart from the obvious pretty hues, the specs don’t seem to do much in the way of bowling one over.

According to the leak, the new E series range will consist of the 2GB NWZ-E435, the 4GB NWZ-E436 and the 8GB NWZ-E438. Each will support WMA, MP3 and AAC, all of which can be managed through Windows Media Player or iTunes. There’s an FM radio, and they can all play video, although the video battery life is a maximum of four hours.

They’re expected to launch worldwide in the next couple of months, although pricing is no more specific than ‘budget’.

[via The Register]

Susi Weaser