Geek Chic of the Week: Anime contact lenses

I’ve had lasers burn away retina in my eyes, and even I find the idea of these contact lenses creepy and gross. They’re designed to give you that wide-eyed innocent look of anime characters, and are proving to be a big hit over in Japan.

They’re tinted and are extra wide, making your iris look a lot wider than it actually is. And as the copy says: “Wanna get big, watery shiny eyes without any surgery? CRAVE AND ENVY NO MORE!” ‘Nuff said.

[via Inventor Spot]

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Susi Weaser


  • I think these are the hottest things ever invented! I love the manga eyes and would love a pair of my own! Shame I just don’t have quite enough money to spare. ): One day..

  • sorry to say but because of the photo above i have nightmares cause she appears on all of the sites…people pls do not publish something like this we really don’t want to be blind…and yes anime eyes on humans NO….

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